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this game is really good. but if you can like put some gaming youtuber references so if someone suggested this game he/she can say that they are in the game.

i dont think that would really fit what i am going for. i am planning on sending review copies to youtubers and reviewers once the game is done.

Loved the games! I am very intrigued by your coding in the Chambers one, and I love the graphical improvement into I Guess I'm Jim. I think it's an awsome direction that you're going in, but with one problem...I can't figure out how to jump! The wise old dude in the egyptian pyramid taught me the fire spell, but afterwards I was teleported into the next level with no idea how to jump. I tried every button, but none worked, so I couldn't get past the first pit! :( Still, awesome so far though!

hey! thanks for the feedback. sorry my control scheme is really weird. z is to jump on american keyboards. I should have put controls in desc. will update now

No problem man! Thanks for being so quick to respond! Keep on with the good work!