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Bear of the West is a short text adventure game where you play as a cowboy detective on the hunt for notorious outlaw Bear Jackson. After a bank robbery in the town of Cattle Point, you take the job to arrest Bear Jackson and stop his reign of terror.

I made this for my Programming 1 class Midterm. It is written in C#. I had a lot of fun writing this. I wrote a similar western choose-your-own adventure game in Java in high school, but it was nice to be able to write another one with new improvements. This is my first game in C#, so I was proud of the features I added beyond the requirements of the assignment. I made the console color changes based on location, to give each town a different feel. I also made it so that the "Press any key to continue" message is replaced by the next line of dialogue when you press a key, which I think gives a nice game feel and helps with immersion. Overall, I am very happy with how this project turned out.


Programmed, Written, and Designed by Lane Howard

ASCII Art from https://www.asciiart.eu/buildings-and-places and http://www.network-science.de/ascii/

Menu and Scene structure based on tutorials by Mike Hadley

Additional programming assistance from users on Stack Overflow


BearOfTheWest.zip 89 kB
BearOfTheWestSourceCode.zip 416 kB

Install instructions

Download and extract .zip, run Adventure.exe.

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